Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Pan for Gold in Las Vegas

Panning for gold consists of washing earth material, such as gravel or sand, in order to search for particles or small pieces of gold. A gold pan, much like the natural occurrence in a river, separates the heavier gold particles from the other materials. The process of panning for gold is tedious and long, but the rewards can be substantial, though rare. There are specific locations and areas surrounding Las Vegas where gold panning takes place for professionals, amateurs, and tourists.
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      Log on to the Internet to locate various locations near Las Vegas that provide gold panning opportunities. The Las Vegas Gold Prospectors Association of America (LVGPAA) website explains that the majority of the prospecting locations are found a short drive outside of the city. Gold panning adventures take place at the edge of streams and rivers.
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      Locate a gold panning area as well as a tour guide or instructor. The LVGPAA website explains that the association allows guests and tourists to come to meetings and events in order to learn how to pan for gold. The Colorado River Tour website is an example of a location outside of Las Vegas that offers three-day gold panning adventures for tourists and visitors who want to learn how to find gold.
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      Arrange to go on a gold panning trip or to attend a gold panning event. The Gold Gold website explains that the individual must determine if the gold panning equipment will be provided. If the individual is responsible for renting or purchasing the necessary equipment, there are stores in Las Vegas that supply the materials.
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      Find a gold panning equipment store so that the necessary items can be rented or purchased. The Desert Outfitters store is an example of a business in Las Vegas that sells gold panning equipment. The website explains that an amateur or beginner will need a metal pick, a shovel and a gold pan.

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