Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Very Unofficial MXT Users Support Homepage

Welcome to the Very Unofficial
MXT Users Support Homepage.

Many new and experienced detector users are purchasing Whites MXT metal detector as it is powerful, easy to learn and moderately priced. Its flexibility to hunt coins as well as gold nuggets convinced me to buy one and I purchased my MXT in mid-October 2002. I have been very pleased with it. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have a few and I listen well to others. The MXT is a well designed detector, however, it is a tool, and all tools (including the MXT), produce more in the hands of an experienced user. Experience comes through practice and knowledge, so hopefully the information at this site will shorten your learning curve in mastering the MXT.

I’m not a dealer, and I’m not associated with Whites in any way, I’m just an independent metal detector user. Many of the dealers are highly knowledgeable about the detectors they sell, but not surprisingly, Whites dealers tend to think Whites are best, Minelab dealers think Minelabs are best, etc. As a result, some folks take their comments with a grain of salt. I have nothing to sell, no axe to grind one way or another, so my opinions contain no hidden agendas - they are just my opinions.

The purpose of the site to provide independent information, help and input on use of the MXT. This information will be helpful both to the new MXT user as well as the person considering an MXT purchase. You may even see a few things you disagree with - not everyone sees eye to eye on issues concerning metal detectors (or anything else for that mater). I really welcome your thoughts and input on the MXT, as well as this website. However, I don’t get paid to do this, and I’m not retired yet, so I don’t have infinite time available to answer email questions, however I will respond to emails as I have time available. I have tried to make this site as comprehensive as possible, to have the information to answer most questions people may have. Whether your interest is in hunting lost treasure caches, prospecting for gold nuggets or just coinshooting at local parks and schools,  I hope you will find the information here useful.

- Chris Ralph

NOTE: The MXT metal detector is a product of Whites’ Electronics of Sweet Home, Oregon. This site represents the author's personal opinions and is not reviewed or endorsed or approved by White's Electronics.

Ready for battle with my trusty MXT and light saber. Ever dig with one of these light sabers? They will cut quickly through anything. Have a target that's under a concrete sidewalk? No Problem! They leave some pretty nasty burn marks around the edge of the plug, so on second thought, better not let those city employees see you using it.

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